CalM & Coyle Collaboration Shaman

Comes shipped in a one of a kind Pelican Storm Series Case hand-painted by CalM.

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Steve Bates & Worm External Diffusion Pump to Turbine Collaboration

rare OG Moss and Electric Blue Velvet off-axis incalmo colorway, 14mm dome, superb function. Yours for just $3,200

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On Sale Now! by Atsushi Tanaka

“Shinkai” (Deep Sea) Pendant on Sale for just $145.00

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New 4.0 Glass!

Functionals and collaborations assembled by the legendary lampworker E.Ross, staring at just $320

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JAG x Pyrology 18mm Mini Stew

Philly’s finest throw down on a highly artistic, mega functional direct inject rig. Yours for just $1,100

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Hamm Windowpane Coriolis Recycler

The pinnacle of the Hamm’s Waterworks line, make it yours for $3,100

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Adam Reetz Sacred Geometry Fillacello Pendant

Rare Reetz styling for just $928

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Pendants by Pakua

After our interview with Pakua we were able to get 3 pendants for the store, grab yours today starting at $110.00

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IgniteMe was created in the spirit of passionately promoting the culture of smoking, vaporizing and the many things associated with it. While we mainly focus on the innovations and creativity in artistic glass, our content is based on a wide variety of topics that are intended to enhance your lifestyle by informing you of all the latest and greatest products, places, and whatever else sparks the interest of proudly lit smokers around the world. We also host an exclusive web-store, offering a rare collection of one of a kind pieces from our travels and beyond . At IgniteMe, everybody’s welcome and we encourage you to express yourself.  We hope to stimulate your radical life.

Glass Otaku Photojournal – Japan – Pt. 1

On my trip to Japan I spent about a week mostly doing more tourist-y activities before meeting up with members of Team Japan to plan my trips to visit them. Steeped in tradition and reverance for the past as well as futuristic modernism, sightseeing is a must for...

Pakua – Interview

If you’ve been following the new surge of up and coming glass artists on websites like Facebook and Instagram then you might have already come across Jamie Herman aka Pakua of Las Vegas, Nevada. Since his first experience on the torch in late 2012 he has made...

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