K-Nine Glass – Pug Bubblers

K-Nine Glass – Pug Bubblers

Straight out of glass country, Portland based K-Nine Glass has been on the rise due to their high quality scientific glass and a wide variety of dynamic and efficient production models. With each model named after a different dog breed with names like the Husky, Basenji, and even larger breeds like the Rottweiler and the Elk Hound you’ll be sure to find the piece that coincides with your mutt at home. Or if you’re like us and you don’t own a dog you’ll just pick your favorite one.

The kind folks at K-Nine sent us one of their Pug bubblers to try out, and once we received the “pup” it quickly made it’s way into our daily  line up. With a simple circ style perc as the focal point of the piece which is then followed up by a d-cut ring perc the diffusion is made simple which makes it both easy to clean and mighty efficient. We were most amazed by the d-cut perc, which blocks the resevoir of water where the circ is from the “oil can” section of the tube except for a set of notches around the circumference . It acts as a natural style perc, forcing the bubbles coming up from the circ to get even smaller and break up before moving on to the upper section of the bubbler thus making for a smooth hit.

Receiving praise from both the IgniteMe crew as well as notable artist Ben Burton aka Burtoni the Pug achieved daily driver status, being used by most employees at the office. It’s compact size and superior chug are just a few of the “percs” about the piece which made it one of the more solid pipes we’ve come across. K-Nine then told us that they made macro versions of the Pug, which we quickly called Mini Pugs, We think these would be even more perfect for traveling with and for using concentrates.

K-Nine Glass is handblown by artists who have had over 20 years of experience working with quality German borosilicate glass, and with their Oregon roots both the expected quality and hospitality that has made that region known as the “Mecca” of American glass art is exemplified to the max. We remember visiting K-Nine at A.G.E over the summer and instantly falling in love with their work not to mention their friendly staff who was willing to give us a hands on tour of each piece. We look forward to what new “puppies” K-Nine will be brining to the table in the future, and we’re even more excited to see them at the next big trade show. K-Nine glass is available at a wide variety of retailers across the country, but if you don’t live by one or you’re looking to carry K-Nine they can best be contacted via their Official Facebook Page


  1. Very “pug-ish” in shape, looks like she rips well:)

  2. Gotta love a piece with a nice perc but isn’t too hard to keep clean! I love my inline but it has all kinds of nooks and slots that are hard to clean :P

  3. Pugging along just fine in southern Cali !!!

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